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A minimalist TRPG set in an future, after-human Japan.

In 2075, to combat a rapidly declining population, Japan enacted the Robot Companion Law, churning out tens of millions of autonomous and semi-autonomous units to aid the aging population and declining economy. Alas, while the robots were able to rebuild the economy and save the nation from two potential invasions, in the end, they were regulated to the helplessly role of observer as the last of their wards passed on.

Samurai Androids is a minimalist tabletop roleplaying game with any number of Players and a Game Mechanic. Just a few short PDF files contain the complete rules, environs, denizens, and more. Like many small games, much is left to the interpretation of the GM and Players alike to allow flexibility and fun. Nothing is written in stone. Modify at will.

Explore a world of overgrown urban ruins; electric temples aglow with inner stoic Zen mysticism; cache-ridden secret military bases; buzz-glitchy video arcades; long-lost villages surrounded by rice paddies; countrysides teaming with wildlife and filelife alike; gleaming self-aware skyscrapers proud in their grandeur; dank, underground shopping malls; "haunted "subway lines, castles of bygone millennia – these are the "dungeons" of the world. It's an amalgamation of the disused, discarded, overclocked, reinvented, hacked, cracked, and shellacked… the Samurai Androids.

Free for download (or name your own price) -- the cores rules, world-setting, and a short intro story are complete and edited. Everything to start playing now, included. Lacks images or frills of any kind.

  • Core Rules (including updates), Android Archetypes, short story "Firmware Upgrade" and Environs  and Denizens all free forever.
  • PDF format. (Sorry, digital only at this point.)
  • Game scenarios currently in development.
  • Strong possibility of more material, art, campaigns, etc., if game is well-received.

09/06 - Alternate Rules / Simplified Version added.
  Contains a collection of scenario hooks.
02/23 - Android Archetypes added.
02/23 - Environs and Denizens corrected.

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CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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AuthorMade in DNA
GenreRole Playing
Tagsandroids, Dystopian, japan, Robots, samurai, trpg


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Samurai Androids TRPG - Android Archetypes.pdf 253 kB
Samurai Androids TRPG - Core Rules.pdf 200 kB
Samurai Androids TRPG - Alternate Simplified.pdf 269 kB

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