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In a twilight, retro-future Japan, a secret war to control society through quasi-governmental Agents utilizing nano tattoos seethes beneath the harmonious veneer.

The Players are Agents in a silent war raging behind the scenes of a peaceful, harmonious society. They work solo, and must always be on their guard. There an unknown number of organizations employing an unknown number of Agents, all working to unknown ends. Every one of them believes they are working for the greater good of society through an organization they have absolutely no information on. There is no office to go, no superior to report to, no timetable to follow, no reports to file. Agents never reveal whom they work for. They might not really even know themselves. They do not remember being recruited for or having joined the organization – they simply know they are a part of it.

An all-in-one TRPG for two players, or a new character class. Minimalist, includes rules, hook/scenarios, play examples. Throw out the rules and play as you like. Just under 4000 words (9ish pages).

No weapons/equipment to buy, no money system, no stats, uses simple dice pools, no (outright) killing. Emphasis on atmosphere and mystery.

Needed: 1d10, paper, pencil

PDF and epub.

NOTE: This project has NO ART/IMAGES, only basic formatting, etc. Anyone who purchases NOW can ALWAYS re-download (free of charge) any updated version with art/images later on.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Invocation Nano-Kanji TRPG Core - DNA, Made in.epub 21 kB
Invocation Nano-Kanji TRPG Core - DNA, Made in.pdf 153 kB

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